Hosted Miners

If you do not see your miner listed here, don't worry! We can generally get you any machine you want. Furthermore, the price of ASICs are always changing. For most up to date quotations, contact us via live chat.

Why us?

  • Serving 1,000+ Customers
  • Well connected with industry leading manufacturers and data centers.
  • Signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord, our commitment to 100% carbon neutral operations by 2030.

    We Offer:
  • Online Miner Marketplace
  • Quick setup of machines
  • Reliable Hosting Facilities
  • Typical response times <24H
  • Geographical diversification with opportunities in the US and abroad

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Fully Managed 100+ QTY ASIC Hosting:

Q4 2023 availability starting at .063c
Q4 2024 availability starting at .04c